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Estate Planning for New Parents

When parents have their first child they are overcome with joy, and in some sense, a deep worry as to the well being of the child if anything were to happen to them. Understanding this concern, we have developed a process to help new parents achieve peace of mind that if anything where to happen to them, there are estate planning mechanisms in place to care for the new child.

It starts with a discussion of the parents’ current circumstances and the potential future needs of the family. Then we talk about what kind of estate planning documents would be necessary to achieve the parents’ goals and interests. After all of this information is gathered, we formalize a plan to and set into motion the new estate plan.

Therefore with the installment of a “New Parent Estate Planning Package”, parents can have peace of mind that they have the appropriate paperwork in place to care for their children upon their passing.


About the Author

Peter Moustakis
Peter Moustakis is the Managing Member of Sowerby & Moustakis, PLLC with locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Peter has received an award related to estate planning, contributed to 2 family law publications and authored the book “Estate Planning and the Modern Family: Old School Meets New School. He is a former President, Vice-President, Secretary Treasurer and Education Coordinator of Business Networking International Commerce Connection in Wayland, MA. He is also the former vice chair of the animal law committee at the Massachusetts Bar Association and served on the New Hampshire Bar Association Ethics Committee. Peter believes that community service is important and has served on the Amherst town Ways and Means Committee for 4 years and was chair of the committee for 2 years.