One of the first things we are asked is “what is this going to cost me?” The best answer is: it depends. Think about it like this; how do you answer the questions →

       What is a new house going to cost me? or How much does it cost to fix my car?

Well, it depends on how much work will be involved, what type of material you use, and how long it will take. Same goes for us lawyers. That being said, we do offer a number of different options to best serve you.

Flat Fees

We understand clients like the predictability of a flat fee arrangement, and we try to offer this whenever we can. These are some of the cases where we can bill at a flat fee: 

  • Estate planning
  • Transferring of real estate into a Trust
  • Creating a new business
  • Initial bankruptcy proceedings

Hybrid Flat Fees

This is a combination of flat fee work and hourly billing. Here’s how it works: A flat fee for the particular service is charged, but if the client requires additional work, then we can continue the work by charging the standard hourly rate. 

Pay As You Go Fees

Some cases are so unpredictable we cannot provide a flat fee quote. In these circumstances, we charge our standard hourly rates and require an up front retainer. This means our fees are in line with industry standards. We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive.

 What is a retainer? 

An up front amount is paid by the client based on an estimated number of hours.  At the end of each month, we send out a bill for the amount of hours worked and deduct that cost from the retainer already paid. If, at the end of the representation there is any money left in the retainer, then it is paid back to the client. If the case proceeds longer than expected or has unforeseen complications where the hours spent is greater than the retainer on hand, we may ask for an additional retainer.

 The difference between a flat fee and a retainer is that the entire amount of the flat fee is payable to the law firm, whereas a retainer is still considered the client’s funds until the cost of services have been applied against it. 

Contingency Fees

A contingency fee case is when the law firm gets paid only when the client gets paid. We often reserve this type of fee arrangement for personal injury claims, medical malpractice, and some breach of contract cases.

Take Away

Before we can ever provide you with an estimate – flat fee, hybrid, or retainer, an attorney needs to gather some details and understand the full scope of your case.

 Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are here to help.

Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

First of all, a good estate plan must provide the documents necessary to take care of you while you are still here and provides for the distribution of your assets after you pass away. 

Small Business Law

We want to help your small business thrive by helping to increase profits, protect company and founder’s assets, manage employees and minimize the risks of costly litigation. 

Municipal Law

Whether it is a planning board application or appeal, Class VI road issue, or a Right to Know Request, you should have an experienced Municipal Law lawyer on your side.

Elder Law

Attorneys who work in the field of elder law bring experience to that practice. Elder Law Attorneys have a vast knowledge of the senior population and their unique needs as well as the myths related to competence and aging.

Probate, Will and Trust Litigation

We represent trustees, executors, Administrators heirs and beneficiaries. We can help you with administration disputes, fiduciary issues and the resolution of estates and trusts. 

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law allows a person or business to try and reorganize or discharge debts if they cannot be paid.

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Estate Planning | Business Formation | Equine Law

Dwight Sowerby Attorney at Law

Dwight Sowerby


Dwight Sowerby Attorney at Law

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