Equine Law

Equine Law


Equine Law is the area of law dealing with horses and horse related activities. It is a unique area of law not handled by most law firms. As a horse owner himself, attorney Peter A. Moustakis has developed a passion and appreciation with matters related to equine law.

​Equine law can be broken down into the following areas:

    • Contract Preparation
    • Contract Disputes
    • Personal Injury

Equine Contracts

There are a number of different contracts that may be necessary when dealing with equine related matters. Some of the contracts the Law Firm can prepare for its clients include:

    • Horse Purchase Agreement
    • Bill of Sale Agreement
    • Transfer of Ownership Agreement
    • Transportation Release Agreement
    • Breeding Agreement

Equine Facility Package

Like many businesses, an Equine Facility has an interest in protecting itself from legal liability. As a result, certain contracts are critical to the operation of such a facility. The Law Firm offers an Equine Facility Package that can be prepared for such facilities. The Equine Facility Package includes the creation of the following documents that can be used by a facility on multiple occasions:

    • Boarding Agreement
    • Liability Release Agreement
    • Full Time Lease Agreement
    • Part Time Lease Agreement
    • Facility Use Agreement for an outside Vendor
    • Facility Use Agreement by an outside Trainer
    • Training Agreement
    • Transportation Release Agreement
    • Sample Rate Schedule

While some of these documents may be purchased through other means, we find that a facility which has developed an ongoing relationship with a law firm familiar with Equine law receives a far greater value than facilities that do not.

Contract Disputes

​A contract dispute generally arises when a party to a contract disagrees with the enforcement, or lack thereof, of an existing contract. We can review such contracts and guide our clients as to their rights and possible remedies.

Personal Injury

​Personal Injury cases are disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm. Equine related activities can be very dangerous so it makes sense to have a qualified attorney on your side.

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