Bankruptcy Law

Get Out Of Debt With A Fresh Start

All too often people start with a small amount of debt that somehow spirals out of control. Bankruptcy is a tool to help people get out of debt or manage that debt effectively. There are different types of bankruptcy proceedings available and the right type of proceeding really depends on each person’s own unique set of circumstances.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a fresh start for many people who feel buried in credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debt. In most Chapter 7 cases, an automatic stay takes effect as soon as the case is filed. That stay freezes collection action immediately: repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment, lawsuits, even threatening letters and telephone calls.

While Chapter 7 is not always available for everyone, there is another alternative through a Chapter 13 proceeding that is geared towards restricting debt for people with higher income or higher valued assets. The core of a Chapter 13 case is a three to five year repayment plan that allows time to catch up on past due balances without the constant pressure of collection actions, mounting late fees and the ongoing threat of repossession or foreclosure.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Successfully winning in bankruptcy court can be complex and overwhelming. Bankruptcy law has very strict deadlines. The process begins with preparing and filing more than 50 pages of paperwork and it includes attending court hearings in front of Creditors, Trustees, and Judges.

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