Estate Planning Is Not Just For Mom And Dad Anymore

by | Sep 5, 2021 | Estate Planning

Creating a will or trust is something we usually expect our parents to do. When we are in our 20’s, it can feel like we’re too young to have to worry about what happens to our stuff when we are gone, because we barely have any stuff to give away. As we get past our carefree 20’s to get married, have kids, and buy a house, it can still feel like creating a will or a trust isn’t that necessary. As long as you have that obligatory life insurance from work, right?

But there are things that get overlooked that really need to be considered. For example:

  • Who will make medical and financial decisions for me if I am not able to because of a car accident or disability? Will It be my spouse, significant other or another family member?
  • How will my bills get paid if I am in the hospital?
  • Where will my cherished Tom Brady autographed football end up when I am no longer here?
  • When I do pass away where will it all go and how can I make it seamless?

If you do find yourself pondering these things, then it is important to have a legal advisor with experience that can help guide you.

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