Horse Lovers Unite!

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Equine law, Pet law

Equine law is a different and interesting practice. It involves:

  • Buying and Selling Horses
  • Rentals
  • Purchasing horse properties
  • Transportation Release Agreement
  • Breeding Agreement
  • Boarding Agreement
  • Liability Release Agreement
  • Full Time Lease Agreement
  • Part Time Lease Agreement
  • Facility Use Agreement for an outside Vendor
  • Facility Use Agreement by an outside Trainer
  • Training Agreement

And, of course, Pet Trusts. Pet Trusts are a great way to make certain that your beloved pet continues to be well cared for even if you are not here to provide the care. It just so happens that Peter is a horse owner (and I have been one), and Peter has equine and pet law as a personal area of concentration.

My Introduction to Equine Law (Peter A. Moustakis, Esq.)
When my wife and I got married my new father-in-law said “Peter, I give you my daughter and her horse. Boy am I glad you are taking over the horse!” And just like that I received a horse as dowry. I knew all along my wife and the horse were a package deal. But talk about a dowry!

So now, a guy from Boston owns a horse and has to learn all things related to owning a horse. Where do we board? How do we pay for vet bills and the dentist? Next thing I know, I am deep into the horse world and discovered things I never even imagined existed.

One such thing I discovered was that I could merge my horse world with my legal world. And as I got more and more into it, I was fascinated with the various aspects of equine law.

Equine law falls into three major categories: 1) Contract Law / Contract Litigation, 2) Personal Injury Law and 3) Trust Law.

Amazing how a horse can change your life. I now have a well-aged horse, a law practice that handles and welcomes equine law related matters, and a residency in horse friendly New Hampshire. Oh yea, and a couple of great kids and a dog. Living the dream.

If you have equine or other pet law needs or if you wish to include a Pet Trust in your estate plan, just call and we will be happy to help you. 603-249-5925

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