Avoiding the Potholes: Why Business Owners Need Legal Counsel

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Business Dispute Resolution, Business Formation, LLC Formation, Small Business Law

Business owners should interview attorneys when they first start up new businesses, in order to have a ready legal counsel contact. You may need this person to advise you before you act and to help you react when something happens in your business. If you are sued or have an unexpected situation, you might not have time to call an attorney, set up an initial consultation, determine if you like them, and then move forward on your project. In business, you need to make things happen. That’s what having an attorney on retainer can do for you.

Having an attorney on retainer offers access to all the services the attorney offers, right when you need them. It’s basically like having an attorney on call. The retainer arrangement can be structured to fit your needs, from the duration of the arrangement to the scope and the cost. If you have an attorney on call, they will be available to:

  • Make sure that you have your business set up correctly
  • Make recommendations to your business structure that may save you taxes in the long-run
  • Help your business avoid liability and insure that the owners, members or shareholders of your business are not personally liable for liabilities of the business
  • Draft contracts, programs, policies, or other documents
  • Negotiating contracts or financing deals
  • Handle the legal details of your business
  • Provide consistent access to the attorney for advice
  • Assist with resolving disputes with clients or vendors

With an existing attorney/client relationship with a retainer agreement, you have the benefit of in-house counsel without the expense. You also have peace of mind knowing that if something comes up you have the resources to handle it – and you can get back to your business faster. Contact our office and find out how you can insure access to our attorneys and we can help provide your business with ongoing legal advice and counsel when you need it.

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