There is No Time Like the Present to Update Your Estate Plan

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Estate Planning, Uncategorized

Every estate planning attorney can tell you stories about bad, incomplete or absent estate plans that created havoc for families. From unfunded trusts- you do know that a trust must be funded, right?- to simply outdated plans, we have seen it all. In some cases, this has led to unnecessary delay and expense but in other cases, the estate distribution has not been what the person wanted. In at least one case I remember, an ex-spouse received $250,000 that should have gone to a daughter. I realize that it is summer and we all have other things that we would rather do than spend time sitting with an attorney, but if your estate plan has not been reviewed by a competent estate planning attorney, you should call us. For more on what can happen, this article was originally published in the Wall Street Journal but you can find it here There’s no Time like the Present to Update your Estate Plan

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