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Will or Trust, which do you need?????

Will Advantages

1. Will has to be probated thus the administration has the
supervision of the Court.

2. Will is less expensive now.

3. Will requires no re-titling of assets.

4. Will may be somewhat simpler to understand.

Trust Advantages

1. No probate. The process of administration is much simpler

2. Trust administration is very inexpensive.

3. Distribution can be in 30-60 days.

4. No Court involvement.

5. Private.

6. Ongoing trusts for minors can be built in.

Dwight Sowerby Attorney at Law

Which is right for you depends on a lot of factors.
Here are just a few:

1. Do you wish to make things simpler for your heirs or let them manage the estate process?

2. Do any of your potential heirs have issues with handling money or are they going through a divorce? To Read More Please Sign Up Below.


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