The ‘I Love You’ Will: Be careful, it could lead to a broken heart!

by | Feb 11, 2022 | I Love You Will

An ‘I love you will’ is a phrase used in estate planning to describe a Will where each spouse gives their assets to each other upon death, and then to their children.

A shortsighted affair –

  • It is simple and straightforward to set up
  • You can appoint a Guardian for Minor Children
  • You can make it clear to the court what your intentions are

The potential for heartbreak –

  • The Will still has to go through Probate and a Judge is ultimately responsible for deciding how assets get distributed
  • There is no language dealing with what happens to your assets if you are incapacitated but not deceased
  • No estate tax savings
  • No protections for disabled children or beneficiaries
  • No protections for spendthrift children or those who suffer from substance abuse
  • The Will becomes public record

Ensuring long-lasting love with a Revocable Living Trust

  • Deals with assets outside of Probate and can provide a flexible way for distributing assets
  • Provides asset protection and planning for beneficiaries
  • Better suited to deal with blended families and/or second marriages
  • Pets can be included in a revocable living trust

Sure, an “I love you Will” is simple and straightforward. But the aftermath and unintended heartbreak may not be.

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