To Flat Fee, or Not to Flat Fee? It depends…

One of the first things we get asked by clients is “what is this going to cost me?” Unfortunately, the best answer is “it depends”. I mean, how do you answer the questions “what is a new house going to cost me” or “how much to fix up my car”? Well, it depends on how […]

Selecting a Trustee

A Trustee should be someone that a client trusts and believes can work well with the beneficiaries of the trust. The decision as to whom should be appointed as a Trustee is something that should be carefully considered and not made lightly. Below is a brief discussion as to some things that should be considered […]

Do it Yourself Estate Planning Documents: A Cautionary Tale

  Over the last several years, legal services have been developing online as a response to people not wanting to spend money on attorney’s fees. Although people wish to avoid these fees, in some cases, the fees are only a fraction of what would ultimately be paid as a result of incomplete planning. What these […]

2021 Updates in the Law and the Firm

Update in the Law In 2021 the federal gift, estate and Generation Skipping Transfer tax applicable exclusion amounts will increase to $11.7 million per person ($23.4 million for a married couple). It is important to note that there is a sunset provision on this tax plan which means that in 2025 the above taxes will […]


Choosing Business Entities

When deciding to open a business, there are a number of different entities from which to choose from. There are advantages and disadvantages to certain entities and this document will provide a brief overview of the different entities and other things that a new business owner should be aware of.   Sole Proprietorship A Sole […]


Horses as Attractive Nuisance

A commonly asked question in the equine world is “what is my liability if someone trespasses onto my land and gets hurt by my horse?” Typically, if we invite someone onto our land, we must take some care to keep them safe. But when someone enters our land without our permission, we still have some […]


What To Do When You Know You Are Dying

When someone knows that their time on this earth is coming to an end, they are overcome with a number of emotions. They often reflect on their lives and the road that led them to where they are now. This time can also be difficult for the person’s family and so they look for a […]

What Happens if you Die Without a Will in New Hampshire

If you die without a Will, the laws of Intestacy apply and the court will tell you where your assets will go after your death. If you die with a Will, you are telling the court how you want your assets distributed and the court needs to allow it. If however you have a fully […]

Estate Planning for New Parents

When parents have their first child they are overcome with joy, and in some sense, a deep worry as to the well being of the child if anything were to happen to them. Understanding this concern, we have developed a process to help new parents achieve peace of mind that if anything where to happen […]

COVID-19: Our Commitment To Keeping You (and us) Safe

The world as we know it is not canceled. It is just evolving. During this time of uncertainty (and relative panic), we are still open for business, but it is not business as usual. We are taking measures to ensure that the safety of our staff and clients are at the forefront of our daily […]