Durable Power of Attorney: Benefits and Concerns

A Durable Power of Attorney is a legal instrument by which a person, as the principal, appoints another person to serve as his or her agent. A benefit the Durable Power of Attorney has is that it gives the agent authority to perform specific acts on behalf of the principal, such as the power to […]

6 Considerations When Purchasing a Horse

  Purchasing a horse can be an expensive and life changing undertaking. A horse is a huge responsibility and in some ways more complicated than acquiring any other pet. Below are some considerations when purchasing a horse: 1. Contact a Veterinarian. A veterinarian should be contacted and requested to perform a pre-purchase examination of any […]

Estate Planning Is Not Just For Mom And Dad Anymore

Creating a will or trust is something we usually expect our parents to do. When we are in our 20’s, it can feel like we’re too young to have to worry about what happens to our stuff when we are gone, because we barely have any stuff to give away. As we get past our […]

Options for Closing an Estate in Massachusetts

If a person dies with assets in his or her own name, then the family needs to go through probate so that title to the assets can be properly transferred to the rightful heirs. But once the probate is opened, the personal representative needs to determine how to properly close down the estate when there […]

Medicaid Planning

Title XIX of the Social Security Act was enacted in 1965 and is a joint federal and state program whose purpose is to pay for the medical care of American citizens and permanent residents who are poor and who are aged, blind or disabled, or members of families with dependent children. Medicaid Planning is when […]

To Flat Fee, or Not to Flat Fee? It depends…

One of the first things we get asked by clients is “what is this going to cost me?” Unfortunately, the best answer is “it depends”. I mean, how do you answer the questions “what is a new house going to cost me” or “how much to fix up my car”? Well, it depends on how […]

Selecting a Trustee

A Trustee should be someone that a client trusts and believes can work well with the beneficiaries of the trust. The decision as to whom should be appointed as a Trustee is something that should be carefully considered and not made lightly. Below is a brief discussion as to some things that should be considered […]

Do it Yourself Estate Planning Documents: A Cautionary Tale

  Over the last several years, legal services have been developing online as a response to people not wanting to spend money on attorney’s fees. Although people wish to avoid these fees, in some cases, the fees are only a fraction of what would ultimately be paid as a result of incomplete planning. What these […]

2021 Updates in the Law and the Firm

Update in the Law In 2021 the federal gift, estate and Generation Skipping Transfer tax applicable exclusion amounts will increase to $11.7 million per person ($23.4 million for a married couple). It is important to note that there is a sunset provision on this tax plan which means that in 2025 the above taxes will […]